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What’s the best roadtripping road in North America?

November 11, 2013


Image from Adventure Journal

Adventure Journal asks readers what the best roadtrip road is in a new poll.

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Why New England is the Setting for so Many Spooky Stories

October 29, 2012


Granary Burying Ground in Boston cemetery graveyard

From Nathaniel Hawthorne to Stephen King, fall in New England is a beautiful, eerie backdrop for the literature that keeps you up at night. I’ve always loved cemeteries. The darker, more overgrown, and more historic, the better. They are a quiet place to get away from everyone, except the occasional goth teenager. This photo of Boston’s […]

Getting Around in Style?

October 26, 2012


Cadillac Camper RV style

Joshua Couch highlights what might show up in the camp-spot next to you. If you’ve ever seen a 4-person tent strapped to the back of a flat-bed truck, then you know there are some pretty entertaining ways people attempt to hit the road with their homes on their vehicles. Joshua Couch’s blog highlights those efforts, […]

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So Beautiful it Looks Fake: Vermont Farm in Autumn

October 19, 2012


fall in vermont new england trees foliage autumn scenic Christopher Schoenbohm

Christopher Schoenbohm shows us what’s really “just over that hill” in Vermont. “I took some back roads in Vermont and managed to capture a few landscapes in between the downpours. Vermont’s countryside is gorgeous – full of farms, rolling hills, and quaint towns.” -Christopher Schoenbohm Don’t just take his word for it, check out the […]

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‘Round the USA Timelapse Double-Feature

October 11, 2012


Roadtrip TImelapse cityscape by Brian DeFrees scenic

A little travel stoke double-feature from Brian DeFrees. EVER FEEL LIKE SEEING the country, but it seems too damn hard to get out the front door? Brian Defrees’ timelapses come to the rescue! Now, in under five minutes, you can travel 12,225-miles from the comfort of your recliner. Now, before you click the little “play” button […]

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Warning: Colorado Color Ahead

October 9, 2012


maroon bells aspen colorado fall foliage color scenic beauty

Matt Santomarco shows that autumn color isn’t just found in the east. SOMETHING TERRIFYING HAPPENED when I took a fall drive out of Grand Junction, CO. I left the desert and climbed my way into the mountains, passing Telluride huddled in its bowl surrounded by massive peaks. Turning south, I meandered through a valley of pine […]

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