roma red reel video airstream travel trailer 23 feet

23 Feet – Documentary Trailer

Allie Bombach and Red Reel Video have created one of the most in-depth looks at people who choose to live a mobile lifestyle (often living in their cars, trucks or converted school buses) to be closer to the locations of their outdoor passions.

Bombach, a filmmaker specializing in the outdoors, lives the life herself, in a 23-foot Airstream trailer. She is currently on the film’s release tour, showing the film on a make-shift screen mounted to the side of her Airstream. Check her FaceBook page for updates on where she’s going to be. The DVD will be released this fall.

roma red reel video airstream travel trailer 23 feet
Bombach's mobile theater. Photo by Allie Bombach

Video by Allie Bombach/Red Reel Video


One thought on “23 Feet – Documentary Trailer

  1. Editor’s note: The DVDs of this movie are out. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to live where you play (not just in the same area, but actually at the base of your favorite climb or feet from the trailhead) it’s worth a look. If you’ve always wanted to live the dream of living simple and moving freely from surf-spot to ski area, this film will definitely have you selling all your stuff and hitting the road.
    Check it out here:
    Red Reel Video

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