Drinking and Driving with Tasteless Beer Snobs

Ali Kimbrough and Daniel Becker put the pedal to the metal in search of the best craft breweries in the Rocky Mountains.

I DISCOURAGE DRINKING AND DRIVING as much as anyone (more than some), but there’s something about putting miles down in search of great microbrews that fits what roadtripping is really about. It has to do with the regional nature of the craft brew industry. Not only does each brewery have a distinct style and taste, but several great beers are only available in the city where the brewery resides. You can’t just head to the liquor store and buy one bottle from every brewery in the US, you actually have to stop in the pub that makes it.

Ali and Daniel, livers fresh. Photo by Daniel Becker

Tasteless Beer Snobs Ali Kimbrough and Daniel Becker are putting the hammer down on just such an adventure. They’re driving from Tucson, Arizona to Billings, Montana and sampling as many craft beers as they can along the way. Their blog Tasteless Beer Snob chronicles the roadtrip as they drink, they travel, they drink, they camp in nasty storms, they drink, their Jeep breaks down, they put down long miles, they drink some more.

These craft beer connoisseurs describe the beers and the locals they encounter with humor and a delicate palate. Well, humor, at least.

Check out their blog as the epic unfolds: Tasteless Beer Snob


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