Freedom is a Bag Full of License Plates

I RARELY GET INTO music videos, but this one caught my attention and held it all the way until the end. On the road, freedom is a double-edged sword. What do you sacrifice to “get out there?”

For most of us, it’s money that we exchange for time exploring the world. Of course, to get that money, we have to give up a certain amount of time, usually at a job. We give up time on the road for time in an office, at a construction site, or waiting tables.

What if we could skip that step–shut off our computers, push in our chairs and leave?

This video gives us a tantalizing, if illegal, alternative to the grind. Serial-theft of cars to get across the country certainly has romantic roots set deep in the lore of the old west, when freedom came one rustled horse at a time.

And like so many of those old stories, this one ends in tragedy for the lone rider. Not at the base of the hang-man’s tree, but by being bested by a crafty drifter.

One rides into the sunset. Both live to drive another day.

Video by FAR from EARTH FIlms.


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