electric sports car Ford GT-40 replica

Inventor Beats Gas Prices in Style with his Electric GT-40

Imagine winding your way along the West Coast Electric Highway in one of these.

electric sports car Ford GT-40 replica
Andrew McClary next to his EVGT-40. Photo by Andrew McClary via Earth Techling.

Andrew McClary built an EV that gives the Tesla Roadster a run for its money. The Florida inventor spent two years rebuilding a fiberglass Ford GT-40 replica with an electric motor and a battery pack producing 38 kWh. The drivetrain will push the car to 130 mph and has a range of around 120 miles–plenty of milage to cruise between electric stops on the West Coast Electric Highway.

What this car has in performance, it more than equals in style. This car is going to turn a lot of heads, including highway patrol officers. With what he’s saving in fuel, he can probably afford a few tickets.

Get a closer look at the car through this short video.

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