Roadtrip TImelapse cityscape by Brian DeFrees scenic

‘Round the USA Timelapse Double-Feature

A little travel stoke double-feature from Brian DeFrees.

EVER FEEL LIKE SEEING the country, but it seems too damn hard to get out the front door? Brian Defrees’ timelapses come to the rescue! Now, in under five minutes, you can travel 12,225-miles from the comfort of your recliner.

Roadtrip TImelapse cityscape by Brian DeFrees scenic
Screenshot from video by Brian DeFrees

Now, before you click the little “play” button on the video, I challenge you to resist reaching for the road atlas for the entire five minutes.

I have to admit, I didn’t make it thirty seconds without glancing at the map on my wall, matching up the landmarks, tracing the lines with the roads I recognized. Envisioning those miles of beautiful countryside rocketing by me.

Of course, Defree’s video probably gets your heart pumping, but if, like many of us, the onset of winter hibernation has changed your blood to the consistency of used motor oil, Brian follows Drivelapse with another time-lapse video of all of the amazing landscapes and city-scapes encountered during his fifty-four-day roadtrip.

So sit back, and admire Defree’s work. Then, pack a bag, grab your camera, and explore someplace you’ve never been.

“I just have more appreciation for this country than I had before. And I hope that my videos will make people go out and try to time-lapse, and travel the country, and just enjoy it.” -Defrees during a WSYR TV interview.

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Eric Warren editor photographer travel writerEric Warren has an unhealthy love of  all types of transportation, and is addicted to long stretches of open road.

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