What’s the best roadtripping road in North America?

Adventure Journal asks readers what the best roadtrip road is in a new poll.

Image from Adventure Journal
Image from Adventure Journal

When it comes to the question of what’s the best road in North America, travelers can be an opinionated bunch (and by opinionated I mean screaming in an outside voice, and throwing a 32 oz Flying J travel-mug at you.)

These are debates best hashed out behind a bug-splattered windshield, shouting over the tunes.

One thing that is clear: There are more awesome roads in North America than you can cover in a lifetime, unless you quit your job, get a van, and head out. Which isn’t such a bad idea.

Adventure Journal’s recent poll by-passes the so-called experts, and opens up the floor to a vote. Be warned: the choice will be tough. Then, see how your vote stacks up to the rest of the populace.

My choice wasn’t in the top spot…

While you’re at Adventure Journal, check out their other articles to get stoked for your next trip.

I’d love to know what your favorite road is, esp. if your favorite wasn’t one of the options.


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