Granary Burying Ground in Boston cemetery graveyard

Why New England is the Setting for so Many Spooky Stories

From Nathaniel Hawthorne to Stephen King, fall in New England is a beautiful, eerie backdrop for the literature that keeps you up at night.

Granary Burying Ground in Boston cemetery graveyard
Granary Burying Ground in Boston – photo by: Werner Kunz

I’ve always loved cemeteries. The darker, more overgrown, and more historic, the better. They are a quiet place to get away from everyone, except the occasional goth teenager. This photo of Boston’s Granary Burying Ground is a great example of cemeteries all over New England.

“Graveyards have a very unique atmosphere. I personally like that they are usually very calm and have something of eternity.” -photographer Werner Kunz

Wandering among the cracked, weathered headstones draws my mind outside of the internal dialogue as I try to read the names and dates. The fallen leaves seem to swallow all sound from the world beyond the wrought-iron gates. I feel alone, but not quite lonely…

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